Our Services

We are committed to serving both job seekers and employers. Our key services involve providing ground-level staffing solutions for factories, logistics, and offices all over Canada, including Woodstock, Cambridge, Milton, Mississauga, Concord, Brampton, and Vaughn.

At Rigrover, we have made it simpler for employers to find efficient employees and workers for their company. At the same time, we also try and ensure that job seekers are able to find what they need soon. Here’s how it works

Online Applications by Employers & Seekers

Both employers and job seekers are required to sign up with us. Employers need to post their requirements and vacancies, where they need to specify the post, nature of employment, qualifications required, responsibilities, and tentative wages or salary. On the other hand, job seekers need to upload their resumes and can search for vacancies, where they can find posts made by our employers.

Screening & Background Check of Applicants

Our team performs a thorough background check of all job seekers approaching us. Additionally, we perform a screening to filter all candidates as per your requirements in your vacancy. So, if you want a part-time laborer, we provide you with candidates seeking part-time work. On the other hand, if you are looking for someone with prior experience, we filter resumes accordingly.

Working with Flexibility & Dedication

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that all vacancies are filled with appropriate candidates and all job seekers are employed as per their requirements too. We are always there for you till you are not satisfied with what you want.

Following are some of the job profiles we specialize in providing:

  • Truck Drivers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Line Operators
  • Dispatchers
  • Office Administrators
  • Schedulers
  • Data Entry Clerks
  • Planners

Truck Drivers

We may not realize it enough, but without truck drivers, our economy would cease to function. This is because they have one of the most important jobs any manufacturer requires – transporting goods to warehouses, stores, or in some cases even the doorstep of end-users.

At Rigrover, we provide shipping companies as well as manufacturers with their own logistics departments with qualified and experienced truck drivers. Here’s how we make it extremely easy for you to find the best truck drivers for your fleets:

Search for Truck Drivers

If you need to hire truck drivers, all you have to do is sign up with us and post an opening for truck drivers on our site. Mention all your specifications, and our team takes over from here. We will search and short-list truck drivers as per your requirements.

Get Qualified Truck Drivers

Rigrover performs a screening and thorough background check as per your requirements. The candidates you receive will have the experience level you require along with other requirements such as a valid license and clean background.

Flexible Services

Our team works on matching all your requirements such as employment duration, wages, and experience level. Whether you want a truck driver for just a day or are looking for a full-time and long-term worker, we can provide you with candidates for either.

Benefits for Truck Drivers:

  • Get Your Desired Jobs Easily and Quickly
  • Focus on Improving Your Experience
  • Minimal Efforts Needed for Searching & Changing Jobs

Forklift Operators

A forklift operator requires more qualifications than merely a driving license. Our candidates have experience and are qualified to lift a good amount of weight in a day. So, in addition to owning a driving license, they are certified in operating heavy machinery or forklift driving along with training in handling hazardous materials.

We perform a screening and background check of individuals and shortlist candidates who have good hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, and the ability to understand spatial relationships. Additionally, you’ll also find candidates with the ability to maintain tools & vehicles, read & understand all shipping documents and perform basic maths.

We provide logistics companies and manufacturers with their own warehouses with a pool of candidates as per their requirements. Our services include:

Screening Candidates as Per Requirement

Our team receives plenty of applications regularly for forklift operating jobs. We filter the candidates as per their skills, qualifications, and experience level on their resumes. This is followed by screening and a thorough background check.

Online Job Posting

Employers only need to post their requirements on our website after creating an account. Once you do so, we start providing you with applicants who are already filtered as per your specifications. This applies to any kind of requirement – whether you need a part-time or a full-time worker.

Online Job Search and Application for Forklift Operators

The minimal requirement for a forklift operator is to have a valid driving license and a certification in operating a forklift or any other heavy machinery. You need to create an account and upload your resume to be able to search and apply for a job as a forklift operator.

Line Operators

A growing manufacturing company always has requirements for line operators in their factory. We help manufacturers find line operators who are fit to work in a factory – one with physical fitness to work in any environment along with basic skills in communication, machine operation, and computer operation.

Our team will help you find line operators for performing the following services:

  • Working at the start & stop production lines
  • Loading and unloading items on the production lines
  • Packing and unpacking products
  • Performing quality inspection of products
  • Pulling defective items off the line and rerouting them
  • Labeling of products
  • Operating line machinery to facilitate the manufacturing process
  • Stacking finished products and delivering them to another location within the factory
  • Checking for any repairs needed in a machine

Our team performs a thorough background check of all candidates before sending their applications to you. We check for the following in every applicant:

  • Medical fitness to work under any kind of environment – hot, cold or hazardous
  • Capability to meet his responsibilities in ensuring smooth & efficient production
  • Ability to work in compliance with all safety and hygiene standards
  • Has basic mechanical skills to operate with various tools and machinery
  • Basic computer skills to handle automated production lines
  • Can communicate well with fellow workers and supervisors


We help logistics and manufacturing companies hire dispatchers who are not only capable of working with logistics software but can also manage emergency situations well. We also help job seekers of all kinds – be it freshers or experienced workers to get their desired jobs that can help them upgrade their skills and experience.

We help companies hire all kinds of dispatchers, which include:

We help companies hire all kinds of dispatchers, which include:

Emergency dispatchers: Capable of working efficiently in medical, police, firefighting, and other emergency departments.

Transportation dispatchers: Those who can ensure timely delivery of stock through trucks, tow trucks, buses, water lines, and pipelines.

Railroad dispatchers: To facilitate the movement of trains and coordinate the movement of equipment on tracks.

Airline dispatchers: Who can assist well in planning air routes according to wind speed, any storm predictions, the performance of aircraft, and loading capacity.

Hire the best candidates filtered and shortlisted as per your requirements. We have a pool of job applicants who are skilled and experienced in the following:

  • Using logistics software for planning & developing routes as per weather conditions and customer requirements.
  • Acting as intermediaries to coordinate with both customers and drivers and communicate on behalf of one another to ensure timely delivery.
  • Using GPS to monitor the live location of drivers in order to facilitate communication with both customers and drivers.
  • Solving problems such as delays due to heavy traffic or bad weather efficiently and quickly.
  • Ability to pay attention to every detail and remain alert to prevent any unfortunate incidents.
  • Building proper relationships and communicating well with both drivers and customers.
  • Working well as a team member to cooperate with drivers, managers, and customers.

Office Administrators

Companies who require a capable and responsible individual to look after their office can find a good pool of candidates with us. We try and ensure that employers are able to get an efficient employee who can be a good office administrator. At the same time, we see that job seekers are able to find good opportunities for their career growth.

For employers, we have many job applicants who possess the following skills and experience:

  • The ability to coordinate all office activities, and operations efficiently, complying with all company policies.
  • Managing all the stock of office supplies and ordering deficits as and when required.
  • Supervising all the office staff and helping in dividing their work.
  • Arranging meetings, appointments, travel bookings and other agendas.
  • Overlooking budgeting, book-keeping, and maintenance of financial & personnel database.
  • Ability to use MS Office and any kind of office management software.
  • Regularity in submitting reports from time to time.


If you have been an office administrator or assistant before and possess some good leadership & administrative skills, finding a job for being an office administrator is easy for you too. All you have to do is upload your resume and mention your expectations from your next job. Our team will help you with:

  • Providing & recommending your resume to potential companies
  • Finding the right job to help you develop your skills
  • Getting a better pay package from your previous or existing job
  • Receiving great office perks


We help organizations of all sizes to hire schedulers for handling appointments, meetings, projects, travel arrangements, and other related agendas. Most job seekers applying for this job here are skilled in communication, working with computers, filing, reporting, and organizing.

We receive plenty of applications from:

  • Schedulers with 0-3 years of experience
  • Schedulers with 3+ years of experience
  • Part-time schedulers
  • Surgery & clinic schedulers
  • Project planners

Our team works continuously on matching the specifications of employers with the needs and profiles of job seekers. In addition to the qualifications and experience required, this also includes salary, employment duration, and working hours. Among qualifications, usually, employers look for the following specifications in schedulers:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Professional skills in organizing, filing, and reporting
  • Basic skills in a computer such as using MS Office, online booking, and email
  • A good understanding of travel logistics
  • Ability to solve problems during stressful and emergency situations
  • Basic knowledge in health care (for clinical and surgery schedulers)
  • Planning, decision making, and visionary skills to handle tasks like budgeting, marketing, risk management, and legal matters
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Ability to work well as a team member along with good leadership skills

Data Entry Clerks

We help organizations of all natures and sizes with hiring data entry clerks to efficiently maintain their database. Our team filters candidates who have fast typing skills, the ability to use MS Office for data entry, organizing skills, and is trustworthy enough to maintain confidentiality. We perform a thorough background check and screen applicants for these basic requirements before shortlisting them to you.

We have helped many organizations get efficient and permanent employees as per their needs, mostly for job profiles which include the following details:

  • Transferring data to the company’s database from paper or directly from customers
  • Compiling and sorting of data efficiently in an organized manner
  • Working efficiently with large figures on spreadsheets
  • Solving any errors in data such as deficiencies
  • Updating and verifying existing data
  • Taking backups of data files and retrieving them as and when needed
  • Complying with company standards and policies for maintaining privacy & security of data
  • Cooperatively working with fellow employees as a team member