Employee Screening Process

Employee Screening Process

We have a strict policy of conducting a thorough background check of applicants as and when they sign up with us. Our team ensures that the candidates you receive are genuine and have no criminal record whatsoever.

As soon as an individual signs up with us as a job seeker, he or she is required to upload the following while creating his or her individual profile:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Valid certifications (original)
  • ID Proof
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Reference

It is mandatory for every aspirant to provide us with the above documents. Additionally, the job seeker needs to specify the profile and description of work he is looking for. Once we have verified the identity of the seeker and understood his or her requirements, our process of screening begins.

Our team receives thousands of job applications as well as vacancies in various companies. We try matching the qualifications mentioned in the resume and cover letter with the specifications of the employer for a particular job description.

So, if you want a part-time employee, we will look for an applicant who wants a part-time job. If you need to hire a truck driver for only one day, we’ll find you one accordingly. This also applies to other factors such as salary or wages, experience level, and qualifications.

When we shortlist the number of aspirants to give you a final list of candidates, here’s what we look for in their applications:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Skills as you require for the post
  • Cover letter
  • Referral check (contacting previous employers)

After employees have been screened on the above basis, they are shortlisted for the interview. We schedule the interview as per the convenience of the employer. Candidates shortlisted after the interview process have to go through a strict and mandatory criminal and background check. They may also go through a medical check-up if their job profile demands so.

Since we specialise in providing you with ground level workers for factories and warehouses, we also provide compulsory health & safety training sessions. These sessions are conducted before their joining date with the employer.

So far, we have ensured thousands of employers receive the desired level of candidates for filling up their vacancies. We have helped more than 500 organizations fill up vacancies and have succeeded in providing them with satisfactory results.